Office Pool Pickem Pools, Survivor Pools, & March Madness Pools
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OFFICE POOL Feature List

We offer a wide range of features for your office football pool, March Madness bracket pool, or custom bracket pool. Whether you are running a survivor pool (also called knockout pool), football pick'em pool, confidence pool, or any of the other office pools we host, your members will enjoy the many features and statistics at their fingertips. You’ll also find quite a number of different ways to configure and tailor your football pool, March Madness bracket pool, or custom tournament bracket pool.

Some of the features we provide include:

  • Easy and foolproof picksheets.
  • In-depth league Standings page that includes every important statistic within the standings table. Any week’s standings page can be accessed throughout the history of your football pool.
  • League-wide and individual stats, including winning pct, strength of victory, winning and losing streaks, and tie-breaker aggregate. Our survivor pools include stats showing team strength of victory and team usage across your league and all hosted leagues combined.
  • Extensive configuration options for all NCAA and NFL football pools, such as weekly and final season prize amounts for 1st through 4th place, weekly and final standings tie-breaker options, several auto-pick options, and many league-specific settings (see the details page for each league).
  • Your football pool gets its own private forum, plus you can engage in the site-wide public NFL and college football forums. When a player posts in your forum an indicator is displayed in the right column. An email is also sent to the person who is being replied to.
  • Fully customizable football pool home page and rules page. Post headlines, commentary, news, etc, that can be optionally saved and displayed with each week's standings and accessible through the entire history of your pool.
  • Automated news on the top of your office football pool homepage regularly updated as players submit picks, lines are posted, standings are updated, etc.
  • Email notification reminders sent twice weekly, once Thursday morning, and 24 hours before your league deadline, to players who have yet to turn in their picks.
  • Email manager that allows you to see which of your players have seen and opened invites or messages sent to your league throughout the season.
  • Player profile with image - Players can upload a pic that will be displayed when their profile is clicked on, and on the league stats page when they lead the league in a certain category.
  • League and individual lifetime career stats, a page for past champs, and trophies earned on the player profile page.
  • Hall of Fame and Hall of Lame for all-time best and worst records in various categories, both for your league, and across all leagues.
  • Live GameDay scoring updates, including regular updating of picks on the Standings page. The overall Standings are posted immediately after the final game of the week.
  • NFL Dashboard that includes our proprietary NFL Power Rankings, NFL predictions, recommended pick of the week agaisnt the spread, and more.  
  • Bracket Manager. Our Custom Tournament Bracket Manager allows you to build a bracket for up to 32 teams, and up to a 16-team double elimination tournament. Use this to track your tournament, or as a full league where players submit bracket picks and compete against each other as graded against your master bracket. Also ideal if you just need a blank bracket to fill and print. Feel free to browse our latest tournament brackets.
  • Player account management. Office pool managers can keep track of player league fees paid in and prizes paid out, per-player note annotation (e.g. "this player gave me a check"), and optional notification to the player when they log in to the site if they have a balance due.
  • Credit Card payments. This is a premium feature where you can set up your office pool to accept credit card payments for players to pay your league fee online. Your player account management page will automatically update after a player pays online. You'll need to set up a free PayPal business account to receive payments.
  • Branding. This is a premium feature that allows you to configure your league with your own logo in the header section, a different background color, and more that will display on every page when your players are logged in. You can then optionally register a URL and point it to your office pool league.