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League deadline


League Deadline

After your league deadline you can no longer make or change picks for that week. If there is a game before the league's deadline, such as a Thursday night game, you can pick the Thursday game up to the moment of kickoff. Once any game starts it is immediately grayed out on the picks sheet. If you picked a game that has started it is locked in. 

Some managers set the league deadline to Monday night, which in essence makes each game its own deadline to pick.

Your league manager has the option to either have your picks display the moment the picked game starts, or after the league deadline (default). 

Your league deadline is displayed at the top of the picks page, and on the Settings -> League settings page. 

Late Signups

Players who sign up after the week 1 deadline or any subsequent week will have to be approved by the manager, regardless of the 'Manager Approve' setting. Managers should always receive an email when anyone tries to join their league.

The only exception are weekly pickem or confidence pools. In this case, players can sign up without approval throughout the season provided the manager has 'Manager Approve' set to No. 

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