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Do you like traditional weighting football pools for playoffs without the additional hassles? You’ve come to the right place. Our NFL confidence pool picks offer exciting features with a number of configuration options for an experience that keeps you hooked. We also offer comprehensive stats so that you are clear on all your performance indicators.

Create a playoff confidence pool and start today!

  • Each playoff week you pick a winner for every game, and place a "weight" on each game from 1 to 11. Once you use a weight on any game you can't use it again in a subsequent week; that is, you'll spread the 1 through 11 weights across all games throughout the playoffs (there are 11 total playoff games including the Super Bowl). The player with the most points after the Super Bowl wins!
  • The office pool manager has many configuration options, including:
    • Specify weight value lost for games that are not picked.
    • Weekly prize payouts from 1st to 3rd place.
    • Final season prize payouts for 1st through 4th place, best total tie-breakers, and best overall Strength of Victory. Help  
    • One custom payout, where you name the payout, and set the winner when appropriate (for example, "best win-loss record").
    • "Bye" week feature that allows a player to forget a week and not be out of contention. If enabled, the worst playoff week for each player is subtracted from their total points (only total points are affected, other stats such as win-loss record remain intact). The Standings will indicate the bye week determined for each player.
    • Tracking of player league fees paid in and prizes paid out, per-player note annotation (e.g. "player paid me in cash on Friday"), and optional notification to the player when they log in to the site if they have a balance due.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats on your playoff confidence pool and your individual performance, including possible inclusion in the Hall of Fame and Hall of Lame.