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Public Leagues

All active public leagues are listed below. These leagues are open and free to everyone. Note that you'll need an account to join a league, so if you have not already done so, you can quickly create one here. The 'Details' link takes you to a page with specifics on the office pool and a button to join.

SurvivorOfficePoolStop Survivor ChallengeOur Online NFL Survivor Pool Fest1365PublicJoin/Details
PickemOfficePoolStop Pickem ChallengeOur Sitewide NFL Pickem, $200 in Prizes1257PublicJoin/Details
ConfidenceOfficePoolStop Playoff Confidence LeagueMost points after Super Bowl Wins!19232PublicJoin/Details
ConfidenceOfficePoolStop Confidence LeagueWeight the NFL Games, Win a Trophy!192PublicJoin/Details
Play MoneyOfficePoolStop Play Money ChallengePick like the Pros!172PublicJoin/Details
MarginOfficePoolStop Margin ChallengeHighest margin of victory wins!133PublicJoin/Details

Private Leagues

Private leagues configured as 'watchable', are listed below. If you have been invited to one of these leagues you'll need the league's password to join. Leagues with less than 4 players are not shown.

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SurvivorLoser IslandRemember, most of you are going to lose!1116PrivateJoin/Details
Confidence2022 PFS NFL Playoffs Pool 1992PrivateJoin/Details
PickemTraffixHigh Performance PICKING!!168PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceRoad to 91No Spread1960PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceJRizzle's NFL Playoff Confidence Pool 1959PrivateJoin/Details
PickemLady Bandits 04 357PrivateJoin/Details
PickemBuffalo Bills 152PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceKingtorc Playoff Pool 1948PrivateJoin/Details
SurvivorSurvivor of the LittestGood Luck, Have Fun141PrivateJoin/Details
Pickem8 Don't Don8 137PrivateJoin/Details
PickemEI NFL Brawl 137PrivateJoin/Details
SurvivorClockwork Survivor Pool 137PrivateJoin/Details
PickemCreighton Dental School 137PrivateJoin/Details
PickemJacob's Pick'Em Pool 136PrivateJoin/Details
PickemFamily Playoffs 1936PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceRothschildlambeau leap1934PrivateJoin/Details
PickemLee County Pick'Em 134PrivateJoin/Details
PickemTBClubWe make it happen134PrivateJoin/Details
PickemWinner Takes All 134PrivateJoin/Details
SurvivorVanessas survivor league 133PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceNo Confidence PoolClueless1933PrivateJoin/Details
SurvivorNFL Survivor - les Siao 2021-2022 131PrivateJoin/Details
PickemAFM Pickems 230PrivateJoin/Details
PickemNFL Pick 10 To Win 129PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceNFFL pick'em 1928PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceLaying pipeWinner take all1928PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceAndy's Pick'em PoolYou Pick'em, I Pay'em1927PrivateJoin/Details
PickemFamPool 126PrivateJoin/Details
PickemWorkday Healthcare Services Pickem 326PrivateJoin/Details
Playoff Rank'emMackoWasil PlayoffsCome join us and play1926PrivateJoin/Details
SurvivorCut throat bandits 125PrivateJoin/Details
PickemFootball Fanatics 3win it all125PrivateJoin/Details
PickemFootball Fanatics 125PrivateJoin/Details
PickemPWE - Football Pool 125PrivateJoin/Details
PickemUnited Sheet Metal 125PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceNFL Playoff Pool for RHCC 1924PrivateJoin/Details
PickemA Little Game Called Just the Pickjust for a second to see how it feels123PrivateJoin/Details
PickemRCF Pigskin Pick'em 123PrivateJoin/Details
BracketTLOC Singles Film Trivia TournamentKnowledge is Power123PrivateJoin/Details
PickemMIKES POOLABOUT TIME122PrivateJoin/Details
PickemMove Christian Pickems 122PrivateJoin/Details
PickemLombardi's Hall of FameRun to Daylight122PrivateJoin/Details
Playoff Rank'emBuffalo AFC 2nd annual 1921PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceFootball Addicts 121PrivateJoin/Details
Play MoneyThe Commissioner's Bookie Pool LeagueThe Original Bookie Pool121PrivateJoin/Details
ConfidenceSef's Playoff Confidence PoolOvers Club1921PrivateJoin/Details
Survivor2017 Browns 120PrivateJoin/Details
SurvivorDP pool 120PrivateJoin/Details
PickemBruises N Brews 119PrivateJoin/Details
PickemHigh Rollers Football PoolGo Hard or Go Home319PrivateJoin/Details