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Playing For Keeps

If you ain't first, you're last!
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League Type: NFL Pickem Pool
Each week you pick every game straight-up (or against the spread if configured).  details

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Manager: Alejandro Martinez

Inception: 9/12/2016 5:01:00 PM
Max Players: 1000
Number of Players: 18
Start Week: 2
Weeks In Regular Season: 17
Weeks In Post Season: 4
Picks Due: Friday Dec 31, 6:59 PM EST
Pick Grace Period: 255 hours  Help
1st Place: 0
2nd Place: 0
3rd Place: 0
4th Place: 0
Best Winning Pct: 0
Best Tie Breakers: 0
Best Strength of Victory: 0
80 0

Weekly Prize, 1st: 0
Weekly Prize, 2nd: 0
Weekly Prize, 3rd: 0
Playoff Weekly Prize, 1st: 0
Playoff Weekly Prize, 2nd: 0
Playoff Weekly Prize, 3rd: 0