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League Type: NFL Pickem Pool
Pick every bowl game straight-up (or against the spread if configured).  details

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Cason Adams   
Randy Ahrens RandyFootbrawlerRandy
John Beck   
Peter Behle   
Jason Broadwell   
Tom Brokamp   
Derek Bulkley Buckgoing deep
jeff carter   
chris charters   
Emily Chiccola Snowflake 
Andrew Conner Get2Choppa 
terri connolly   
Mike Coppolino   
michael cortez mbviking 
Staci Crum   
kelseys devs uncle calfor the win
Al Eastwood Bud 
James Edwards Jim//Eddie 
Scott Eskridge Scott 
Doug Fearon Spinner Bait 
Colin Folk Kuzcobear  
Greg Frost   
Brian Garside Barracudas 
Bob Gawronski bigboalways go for the kill
Andrew Goode Pinky's Other Half 
neil gosselin   
Brad Hanes  Don't Pet the Sweaty Things
Stephen Harary Crazy 
Dayna Hardgrove   
Larry Holmes People's Champion 
Dylan Hoyem  Just Win Baby
Justin Kelly   
EARL KIM Earl The PearlGo For Broke!
Catie Klie   
Trevor Koopmans KissMyAsphalt 
Dennis Kozlowski Bigblue5959Just win baby$$$
Tom Lesher Beerman33 
Larry Liddle   
Richard Lombardo   
James Lorenz gasmanIt's good to be alive!
Ray Mara   
Glen Markowski Marko 
Alex Martin The Snake 
Brian McCoy   
Kendell Mendonca   
Leonard Meyer lnmeyer4 
Allen Miklas panthers 
Stefan Ming   
Larry Moser MrLefty 

Manager: Fred Williams

Inception: 11/24/2018 4:24:00 PM
Max Players: 1000
Number of Players: 78
Picks Due: Monday Jan 07, 12:00 PM EST
Pick Grace Period: 255 hours  Help
Against the Spread: No
Playoff Weighting: 0   Help
Bye Week: Disabled   Help
Tie-breaker game: Any Game