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League Type: NFL Pickem Pool
Each week you pick every game straight-up (or against the spread if configured).  details

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Richard Adby   
Joabe Almeida   
Nancy Archer archerrn63Live life to its fullest
Carl Arnold   
william arthur POCA DOTS 
Peter Bachmeir Fdl452 
Michael Baird Bullet 
Laura Baker Pete 
Toby Baker   
Joe Barillari JABEEW 
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John Beck   
Tony Bolden Mr. BoldenHow Bout Dem Cowboys
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Rich C BagnoldGive Me Hope!
joseph callahan jay 
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Mark Dahlin Dutchman68  
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Ed Emond   
Roberto Figueroa DotComSkindaboys..HTTR!!
Renee Fromm Nay 
Bob Gawronski bigboalways go for the kill
Howard Glicher Best Employee EverCall Me Butter, Because I'm On A Roll
Douglas Gower Undertheradar 
Tom Grilli   
James Harris   
barry hawkins   
barb hill babsycan't we all just get along?
Chase Hill Chill 
greg hill gchristianPREPAREURANUS
Otis Hill Sr Deaf NFL Fantasy  
Renee Hoffman   
TJ Jackson   
matt jr   
William Julian Broncobill 
Bill Kalkbrenner Dr KThe Judges
John Kelley DocjkAny given Sunday

Manager: Fred Williams

Inception: 6/24/2013 3:36:00 PM
Max Players: 3000
Number of Players: 110
Start Week: 1
Weeks In Regular Season: 17
Weeks In Post Season: 4
Picks Due: Sun 12:00AM MST
Pick Grace Period: 255 hours  Help
Against the Spread: No
Playoff Weighting: 4   Help
Bye Week: Enabled   Help
Tie-breaker game: Any Game