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League Type: NFL Pickem Pool
Each week you pick every game straight-up (or against the spread if configured).  details

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william arthur POCA DOTS 
Peter Bachmeir Fdl452 
Missie Bacon   
frank baker frankyankeeWin some,Lose some, some get rained out
Toby Baker   
gary bevington anjac 
Harry Bollinger sirbollinger 
Lela Bork   
Ed Brockhuizen Eddie-BFish
Barry Brown BJGo Boltz
Elaine Brown  It is what it is
bronco bruce  GO BRONCOS
miss bu   
Jacob Burant   
John Burant   
Laura Burant   
Rich C BagnoldGive Me Hope!
joseph callahan jay 
Bill Campbell Khan! 
dominic cannella dominator893 
mark cavallaro da-billsbills
Francis Chandler Paul  
chris charters   
Kim Cogdill RainskimmyGet a Tocuhdown
john conover all inDallas Sucks!!!
Anthony Costa Shockers 
Janet Courtney Schopunky 
james cremer jim 
mike danish bucball 
Steve Day stevieday2000 
kelseys devs uncle calfor the win
kent dickerson rumrunner447if your not the lead dog, the view never changes
Donnie Elliston   
Roberto Figueroa Big robSkindaboys
damione foster   
Debra Frazier PeenutYou're going to feel a little pressure...
Michael Freeman   
Renee Fromm Nay 
Bob Gawronski bigboalways go for the kill
Barry Geister Barry G 
Daniel Giddens dangLickety Splits
Jim Gilchrist gilly 
Jim Gill wackerrrDo your job
richard giroux   
Anthony Glod DunskiWise guys always right
Mark Godwin   
Douglas Gower Undertheradar 
chet grabowski   
Rick Gray Bigfish 
Dennis Gullett   

Manager: Fred Williams

Inception: 6/24/2013 3:36:00 PM
Max Players: 3000
Number of Players: 133
Start Week: 1
Weeks In Regular Season: 17
Weeks In Post Season: 4
Picks Due: Sun 12:00AM MST
Pick Grace Period: 255 hours  Help