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Play Fantasy Football for Money

There are a number of reasons why you should check out our Fantasy Football for Money pool. For starters, you have the chance to shoot from $100 to $4000 in play money in just three weeks! You can bet on any number of games which makes it considerably less time consuming. Try it out today!

A play money pool has compelling reasons why it is as good or better than Fantasy Football

1) You are never really out of it until late in the season. We have a 'plus 6' option as a way to double your money if the team you 'plus 6' covers the spread after adding 6 points to it. So, if a player hits 3 straight weeks of +6 all-of-it bets they can shoot from $100 to $4000 in play money, which is sometimes enough to win the football pool. If they hit such a bet 4 weeks in a row, they would reach $12,100 in play money!

2) You can bet on any number of games, which makes it less time-consuming than fantasy football. If you’re busy one week, just pick one game and be done with it. Play money pools also can be configured to AutoPick for those times you forget to turn your picks. Players can configure how their autopick works, such as which team to pick, now much to wager, and whether or not to make the autopick a +6 bet.

3) In a play money league you can compete with far more players, whereas fantasy leagues are best left with 14 or fewer teams.

4) Fantasy leagues mostly just track your final standing for prior years. In addition to this a play money pool will track much more, including lifetime stats for overall winning %, + 6 and over/under winning %, longest winning and losing streaks, tie-breaker aggregate, Strength of Victory aggregate, etc.

If you're not ready to run your own play-money pool, give our free OfficePoolStop Play Money Challenge pool a try, we even pay a prize to the winner.