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Online Polling

Our free online polling tools

Are you looking for a fun way to hold a popularity contest or take a survey such as for a person's favorite book or movie? Perhaps you need to find out where your team wants to hold their next off-site meeting. Or perhaps you need to decide which day of the week works best for your people group to meet. The sky is the limit for what you can poll for! You can even set up an online quiz. Other use-cases include:

  • TV ratings poll on people's favorite TV series
  • Movie ratings poll on the latest movies in the theaters
  • Favorite Author
  • Favorite Book
  • Favorite character in a movie or series (e.g. "Who was your favorite 'Game of Thrones' character?)

We provide two mechanisms that allow you to run an online poll.

Method 1 - Q&A poll: Use our Prop Bet pool to configure questions such as "Who will you vote for as president", "which film will win best picture", "who will win best actor", etc. Each time a person casts a ballot, the stats page will update to reflect the latest results. Our Q&A poll allows you to configure up to 8 possible choices per question.

Method 2 - Tournament bracket poll: Use our popular Bracket Maker to create a tournament-style poll where people you invite can fill out a bracket that is used to provide poll results. Examples include polls such as favorite rock bands, best quarterbacks of all time, best movies of all time, etc. You create a bracket with starting names such as best British bands, and people sign up and submit their choices. The results of the poll are shown in a bar graph that updates each time a person submits their bracket entry.

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