Office Pool Pickem Pools, Survivor Pools, & March Madness Pools

Website Security

Bulletproof Database

You can make picks on our site with confidence as our database security is bulletproof. Our database is kept on a separate server than the website server and its access is restricted to only a handful of IP addresses. The database server itself at the root level is also restricted to specific IP addresses. These features make our database impregnable and more secure than voting software such as Dominion.

The only way picks or standings can be changed is by the manager of the pool. All manager changes are logged in the Manager Change Log that all players can view on the Settings -> League Settings page.

Member Passwords

Player login passwords are not visible to anyone, be it a manager or website Admin. If a player forgets their password, they will need to use the forgot password link to change their password. Managers can also change a player's password for them, but they can never see a player's password.

How can My Pick be Changed?

The only way a player's pick(s) can be changed is by the player or by their league manager. The only risk is the player's login credentials, so its up to the player to use a good password.  


All pick transactions are logged and visible to the manager. On the rare occasion where a player claims that their pick was changed or does not match their pick email, the manager can look up all pick transactions including the time the player landed on the picks page, the time when the submit button was hit, and the email log showing all emails sent to the player. In the history of the website there has never been a single case that wasn't a user problem (typically the player either forgets they changed their picks, or they landed on the picks page and forgot to hit submit).