Tournament Bracket Templates

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Do you need a blank bracket for your tournament? Feel free to visit our free Printable Brackets page, or if you want all the bells & whistles you can use our full-featured bracket maker. You can print a blank tournament bracket to fill out later or use our editor to fill in your bracket online. Our template generator is ideal for gaming brackets, your work ping pong tournament, cornhole tournaments, billiards, darts, you name it.

Single Elimination Brackets

Our bracket generator allows you to create a single elimination tournament for up to 32 teams. You can easily generate blank brackets or fill in the bracket with your team or participant names. You can style the template with different font sizes and the full spectrum of colors for the team name, tournament seed, or team background.

Double Elimination Brackets

If you have struggled finding a blank bracket template for double elimination brackets you’ve come to the right place. Our bracket creator lets you build a double elimination bracket for up to 16 teams. You can also easily make sizes such as a 6 team double elimination bracket, 7 team double elimination bracket, 8 team double elimination bracket, 9 team double elimination bracket, and so on.

Run an Office League

Want even more? Our website goes much farther and lets you run an office pool for any type of tourney-style sporting event. You create the tournament bracket, then invite friends who can submit their own bracket for the sporting event. You manage the pool by advancing the winners as they occur. We do all the rest, including easy pick sheets, a detail standings page, and eye-catching stats & charts. You can also configure the office pool as a poll, such as a survey among your friends of their favorite rock bands of the 80s, the best quarterbacks of all time, the best all-around athletes, etc.

For more details on our custom brackets, visit this page. If you are ready to get started running an office pool, head on over to the Bracket Maker.