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Tournament Brackets

Are you looking for a place to run your tournament bracket online? We provide many services to allow you to do so, at no cost to you!

We are home to the renowned Bracket Maker that allows you to generate a tournament bracket in seconds. You can quickly build a single elimination bracket from 4 to 32 participants, or a double elimination bracket up to 16 participants. Your tournament bracket is fully customizable where you can change participant or team names, make the font size smaller or bigger, change background and text colors, show or hide seed number, configure a custom tie-breaker, and much more.

Browse Our Brackets

To get an idea of how people are using our bracket maker, feel free to visit our Browse Brackets page to see the wide variety of brackets that have been created using our site. Since introducing our free bracket generator in September 2020, we currently host 33682  tournament brackets! It's real easy to add your own tournament to our ever-growing list, we'd be glad to have you onboard and we're sure you won't be disappointed in the vast capabilities that will be at your fingertips.

Running a Tournament Bracket Office Pool

In addition to managing a tournament bracket, you can also run the tournament as an office pool, where invited players can submit their own bracket against your master bracket of the actual winners. It would be similar to March Madness except it's your teams/participants that players predict on how they will do through the course of the tournament. Each player submits their bracket on their Picks page, and each time you advance the actual winner on your master bracket page, the Standings page will automatically update and sort by the players with higher point totals.  You specify how many points a player earns based on the tournament round. You also get to configure a custom tie-breaker, such as total points scored in the final to break any ties.

Be sure to check out our Bracket Tour to see how your tournament can be run as an office pool.