Double Elimination Brackets

Need to build and print a double elimination bracket for your sports league or tournament? You've come to the right place!

Online Double Elimination Bracket Builder

Our renowned Bracket Maker lets you build a printable double elimination bracket either as a template or blank (empty), or you can fill the tournament bracket with the names of your teams or participants. You can create as many as you like, and can then either print your brackets, download them to a PDF file, or simply leave them with us online. We'll give you a URL to access your tournament bracket to share with your participants, friends, or the public in general. When you save your bracket it never goes away and you can edit it at any time. Best of all our fillable & printable brackets are free to use and store online! Advanced use includes running double elimination tournament brackets as an office pool where players can submit bracket picks of who they think will win, much like a March Madness bracket. This way you can engage your friends and fans beyond just being spectators.

How Does a Double Elimination Tournament work?

A double elimination tournament consists of two brackets, a winners bracket and a losers bracket. In order to win the tournament every player gets an extra chance. Upon the first loss the player moves to the losers bracket to compete with fellow losers. The winner of the losers bracket then faces off with the winner of the winners bracket. If the winners bracket winner wins the 1st match with the losers bracket winner, the tournament is over and the winners bracket winner is the champion. If the winners bracket winner loses the first game, they play the losers bracket winner again to determine the final champion. A double elimination tournament bracket therefore assures that no player or team in the tournament is out until they have two losses.

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