SINGLE Elimination Brackets

If you need to construct a single elimination bracket for your sports tournament or office pool, you've come to the right place! We also support double elimination brackets.

Online Single Elimination Bracket Builder

Our renowned Bracket Maker lets you build a printable single elimination bracket that can be used either for your bracket tournament such as an office ping pong tournament, or for an office pool such as an NCAA Frozen Ice pool, Stanley cup playoffs pool, NBA playoffs pool, etc. You can create a blank bracket, or you can fill the tournament bracket with the names of your teams or participants. You can create as many as you like, and can either print your brackets, download them to a PDF file, or simply leave them with us online. We'll give you a URL to access your tournament bracket to share with your participants, friends, or the public in general. When you save your bracket, you'll have the option to use it as a standalone bracket for your sports tournament such as a bowling league, or you can configure it to run as an office pool where players can fill in their own bracket of who they think will win, similar to a March Madness bracket. This way you can engage your friends and fans beyond just being spectators. You can even run it as a 'poll' where friends pick from your bracket list of popular movies, a bracket of famous quarterbacks and who they think is the best of all time, etc.

March Madness Pools

We have pools specifically designed for March Madness. So instead of using our bracket maker, you should use one of our pool formats to run your own March Madness Bracket office pool. We offer several types to choose from, including the standard 64-team March Madness bracket, a 'Pick X' March Madness pool where players pick a certain number of games as configured by you as the manager, or a March Madness rank'em pool format where players rank a certain number of teams.