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Below is the My Bracket picks page for a custom bracket pool that was used for the final 8 teams of the 2021 Stanley Cup. The player in the example below has also joined three of his clones to the league. Clones allow a player to make additional bracket submissions under one parent identity, thus preventing the need for a player to use multiple logins. Each clone will appear independently in the Standings. Also notice the custom tie-breaker that was configured.

Bracket Picks Due by 6/15/2024 5:06:00 AM ET
Scoring: Round 1 = 1 point, Round 2 = 2 points, Championship = 10 points
Bracket picks for:
Be sure to enter the picks for the above player via the 'Submit Bracket' button. You can then select another player/clone to pick for.

You can get started by trying our bracket maker, or go straight to the create league page to create your online live bracket pool, where you can configure it as you like from your manager controls. You can also conveniently print your bracket from either the manager bracket control page or your 'My Bracket' picks page. Its also ideal to use as a blank bracket template.

Remember that our custom bracket maker has unlimited uses for any type of office bracket pool, such as an NHL office pool, an NBA office pool, World Cup pool, UEFA Soccer pool, or even esports or Friday Fortnite bracket tournaments!  Our site essentially eliminates the need to buy or download tournament bracket software or bracket template software.