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Pickem Pool Settings Page

Below is the Settings page for one of our pickem football pools (the settings page for pro and college football pickem pools is identical). There are numerous configuration options that go beyond just a standard pickem pool, such as the key games option where players can place a checkmark by games they are more confident in and win additional points. There is also the 'jackpot' setting that allows a percentage of weekly player fees to go towards a pot that triggers when a player correctly picks 12 games (configurable) during the week. Similar to a lottery, This popular setting serves to keeps your league's players interested throughout the season, especially those who may have fallen too far behind the season leaders.

Basic Settings
League Type NFL Pickem Pool      League ID: 25106
League Name    
League Motto   (optional)
Private League    Password to Join:      
Publicly Watchable    
Manager Approve    
Max Number of Players     
Against the Spread
Allow 1 "Bye" Week  
Tie-Breaker game
Number of Games to Pick   
Manager Sets Schedule       
Exclude Thursday Game(s)    
Starting Week     
Weeks in Regular Season       (there are 18 weeks in the NFL regular season)  
Weeks in Post Season      (there are 4 weeks in the NFL post season)      
Pick Deadline    ← also sets default Time Zone 

minutes before each game starts  
Pick grace period, hours     
Bonehead Pick    
AutoPick for Players    

AutoPicks Allowed:  

Player Clones Allowed     Help Desk Article  
Post Season Weighting    
Key Games       Key Games Addon Value:        
Key Games, Post Season       Post Season Addon Value:       
Count no pick as loss    
Hide 'Most Picked Teams' Chart on Picks Page    
Weekly Tie-Breaker
Overall & Final Standings Tie-Breaker

Prize Settings

  • While we will track prize winnings, we do not handle payment reception or distribution of prizes for your league. It is up to you to collect fees and pay the prize winners. You are NOT allowed to profit in any way from running a league.
  • Prizes can be earned weekly, and at the end of the season.
Cost Per Player    (choose Weekly to make this a Weekly pickem league)       

Weekly Prizes         
Regular Season  
Week's  points, 1st
Week's  points,  2nd
Week's  points, 3rd
Post Season  
Week's  points, 1st
Week's  points,  2nd
Week's  points, 3rd

Special Prizes
Perfect 'X" Jackpot
(regular season only)
Use this if you want to pay a jackpot to a player with an extraordinary week. This helps keep interest in your pickem league throughout the regular season. Click '?' for more details.

Use % of player's fee.     
If Cost Per Player is set to 'Season', the player's weekly contribution to the jackpot is this % of the player's season fee divided by the number of weeks in the regular season.
 Player must correctly pick   games to win jackpot.   

Final Season Prizes (entire season)
Total Points, 1st Place
Total Points, 2nd Place
Total Points, 3rd Place
Total Points, 4th Place
Best Winning %
Best Tie-breakers  
Best Strength of Victory  
  Custom prize 1 
  Custom prize 2 

Prize Winnings Calculator Assistant

The calculator assistant below will help you figure out how much to charge your players to cover the costs of the prizes you set above. Use the refresh button to recalculate after making changes.

 Expected number of players:  
Prize Totals
Weekly Prizes, Season: 198.00
Final Season Prizes: 261.00
Overall TOTAL: 459.00 (cost per player = $4.59)
Jackpot: 0



Disabled in demo mode!