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Below is the Standings page for a Play Money pool from 2020. Note the four tabs that show the weekly standings, season standings, player's pool picks for the week, and a trend chart for how players are doing over time. Note that on the weekly and season standings tabs you can click on a column header to sort by that column.

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    Reeff Pummelled, Starbuck Retakes Lead

    In a week where only 4 players netting a gain, Brian Startbuck's net of 0 was enough to regain the lead after Corey Reeff dumped $3400 on the Chargers and Packers. Larry Williams and John Lyon both lost >$1K, dropping them from 2nd/3rd to 6th/7th respectively. Meanwhile Kale Gilmore earned his 2nd victory of the season which was enough for 3rd place for the week. Jeff Johnson gets the Bonehead award for a big loss on the Chiefs. 

The Commissioner's Bookie Pool League

1st: Al Buddy$12.00
2nd: Dino De Santis$6.00
3rd: Kale Gilmore$3.00
Bonehead Pick of the Week
Jeff Johnson, Kansas City Chiefs
Forum Talk

The Thrill of Victory - Brian Starbuck
The pursuit of a goat - Brian Starbuck
Prayers - Brian Starbuck

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