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Below is the Standings page for an NFL Survivor Pool from the 2020 season. This survivor pool was configured with a 2nd place bracket that allows a buyback in into the 1st place bracket after a loss. In a 2nd place bracket survivor pool, 1 loss moves you to the 2nd place bracket to battle it out for 2nd place. One more loss and you're out. Note the 'Headlines' collapsible that you can optionally add to the Survivor pool's Standings page. Our website offers more features for survivor pools than you will find anywhere else on the web!

  •   Headlines

    Congrats to Randy Ahrens, 2020 Survivor Champ!

    Jeff Johnson wins the 2nd place bracket

    Randy Ahrens won after Corey Reeff got burned by the Bengals win over the Steelers. Jeff Johnson won the 2nd place bracket over Jim Crowley after both players ran out of teams to pick.

    Until next year...

Commissioner's Survivor League

Total Lives: 2 (1st & 2nd place brackets)

League Fee: $10.00, Buyback Cost: $15.00 (last buyback week:21)



Player Picks

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