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NHL Brackets
2021 NHL Bracket

Use our tournament bracket maker to quickly build an NHL playoff bracket and invite your friends to join your pool. Each player submits a bracket for the Stanley Cup playoffs and are graded based on points that you configure for each round of the NHL playoffs. You can also configure a custom tie breaker to be basically anything you want. For example, a popular tie-breaker that managers use is 'total number of goals scored in the finals'.  You can also configure bonus points for picking underdogs, which is teams with a higher seed (e.g. pick a 4 seed over the 1 seed and earn 3 bonus points). Since the NHL typically re-seeds after the 1st round of the playoffs, we provide a 're-seed' option for your bracket pool. That way when a player picks an underdog seed, that team will be properly matched with the lower seed in the 2nd round as would happen with the actual NHL playoffs.

NHL Playoff Pool Standings
NHL Bracket Pool Standings Page

Another option to consider is an NHL Rankem pool, where each player ranks the NHL playoff teams before the start of the playoffs, and score points equal to the weight they placed on the team each time they win a series.

You can also consider running an NHL Prop Bet Pool for your office league. A prop bet pool is where you configure any set of questions you want with up to 8 possible answers, and players earns points when they answer a question correctly. For example, you might have as the first question, "Which player will score the first goal"? You would then configure up to 8 possible answers and assign a point value to each. You could assign more points to the players who answer "Which Team Will Win the Stanley Cup"? The types of questions you can configure is endless!

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