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Our NFL Football Pools:

  • NFL Pickem Pool

    Traditional fantasy pickem pool where players get one point per win, or more points for 'key games'. Configurable for weekly and/or season winners, and as either straight-up or against the spread.
  • NFL Survivor Pool (or Losers Pool)

    Also known as suicide or knockout pools, players pick just one team straight-up each week. If their pick is correct, they survive until the next week. The last player standing wins!
  • NFL Confidence Pool

    Players pick the winner of each game straight-up and provide a confidence ranking from 1 to 16. For each correct pick, they receive the number of points they assigned. Configurable for weekly and/or season winners.
  • NFL Play Money Pool

    You get $100 play money each week to bet any number of games against the spread. Each week you can bet up to your entire accumulated balance. The player with the most play money after the Super Bowl wins!
  • NFL Playoff Rankem Pool

    Rank playoff teams from 1 to 12 before the post season starts. For every game a given team wins, the points you assigned to that team are added to your total score. The player with the most points after the Super Bowl wins!