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Lacrosse Office Pool

If you are looking to run a lacrosse office pool, we've got you covered! With the growing popularity of Lacrosse, office pools provide a way for fans to stay involved and up-to-date with the league your fans are following.

We provide a variety of formats for you to consider.

Bracket Tournament Pool

Our renowned Bracket Maker allows you to create up to a 32-team bracket. Similar to March Madness, your players fill out their bracket and have it graded against the master bracket that you manage. We provide the bracket pick sheet, a standings page, and numerous other features such as configuring different point values for each round, and bonus points such as underdog wins.

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Lacrosse Pickem Pool

Our custom pickem pool format makes it easy to run any kind of pickem pool, including Lacrosse! As manager, you simply create the schedule each week of games you want your players to be able to choose from. You can assign different point values to each game. So, for perhaps a game that is a toss-up, you set the points earned to a higher value than a game that is expected to be a blowout. You can also configure underdog bonus points and a tie-breaker game.

Office Pool Pickem Sheet
Pickem Pool Pick Sheet Example
Office Pool Pickem Sheet
Pickem Pool Standings Example
Manager Pool Accounts Page
Manager Accounts Page

Lacrosse Prop Bet Pool (Q&A format)

You can also create a Prop Bet pool where players answer questions before the event and are graded based on the points you assign to the possible answers you configure. For details, see our Prop Bet pool page.