Play Money Pool Rules

  1. Each week of the NFL season, you get $100 in "play money" to wager on the point spread of any NFL game or combination of games for that week. You can bet as much as you have accumulated at that point in the season. The minimum bet each week is $100. Standard Vegas rules apply - if a team you pick beats the spread, the wager is added to your balance; if you lose the wager is subtracted from your balance. If you "push", or tie the spread, your balance is not affected.
  2. PLUS 6 RULE: You can win double the amount of your wager by adding 6 to the point spread in the direction that decreases your odds of winning the bet. For example, if Denver is a 5 point favorite over Seattle, and Ryan bets $100 +6 on Seattle, and Seattle wins by 2 or more, Ryan would win $200. If Ryan takes Denver for $100 +6, Denver would have to win by 12 or more to double his bet. If Ryan's team doesn't cover the adjusted spread, he only loses his original bet of $100. Any loss due to a +6 does not count toward a losing streak.
  3. Each week you select a game to serve as a tie-breaker by guessing the total points scored. This will break ties during the week for weekly prizes. An aggregated  running total is also kept of your tie-breakers, which can earn you an additional prize for lowest tie-breaker total at the end of the season, if so configured.
  4. You are required to have your picks in by the deadline set by your league manager. After submitting your picks, you will be able to later edit them provided 1) the league's deadline has not past, 2) the grace period has not expired, 3) a game has not started that you already bet on. You can only have one set of picks each week; that is, you can't bet on the Thursday game, then later submit picks for the weekend games.
  5. If you fail to get your picks in by the deadline, you will lose the $100 for the week, 20 points will be added to your tie-breaker total, and 10 will be subtracted from your Strength-of-Victory total.
  6. The official Play Money Pool line is provided by the consensus line at The line will typically be posted by Tuesday AM. If the line moves by 2 or more points for any given game it will be updated for that game. The Commissioner may also update a line for if an unforeseen incident results in a significant change in the line (this has happened only once since 1992, namely the 2014 Buffalo/Jets game that was moved to Detroit).
  7. If your league has the AutoPick feature enabled and you miss the deadline, picks will be generated for you provided you haven't exceeded the configured number of weeks allowed for AutoPicks. If allowed by the league manager, you can choose your own default AutoPick type under 'My Settings'.


Weekly prizes
1) Best tie-breaker for the week
2) Best strength of victory for the week  Help
3) Best overall winning %
4) Best total tie-breakers  Help

Final Standings, Play Money
1) Best overall winning %
2) Best overall strength of victory  Help
3) Best total tie-breakers  Help

Carrots and All Other Final Season Prizes1
1) Best overall winning %
2) Best overall strength of victory  Help
3) Best total tie-breakers  Help
4) Best play money balance (for prizes other than total balance)

1 - The low-ball prize goes to the player at the bottom of the standings. Hence, if there is a tie in balance, the next determining factor is worst winning %, then worst strength of victory, then worst tie-breaker total.