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See why we are far superior to RunYourPool and Yahoo fantasy survivor football!

Our online football survivor pool formats are second to none with a wide variety of configuration possibilities. You can configure a buyback option to allow players with an initial loss to buy their way back into the survivor pool. You can also run a two-bracket pool, where a first loss drops you to a bracket where you compete for 2nd place. Or how about a loser's pool, where each week you pick a team you expect to lose.

Standard Survivor Pool

Our standard football survivor pool is where players pick one team each week, and if that team wins the player survives to the next week. The last person standing wins, it's as simple as that! Well, there is one catch... You can only use a team once, so choose wisely! Also visit our survivor pool rules page for further details.

Online Survivor Football Pool
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This is essentially identical to a regular survivor football pool, but in this case players pick a team who they think and hope will LOSE in any given week.  If that team pulls the upset , the player is OUT!  Just like in a survivor pool, the catch is you can only use a team once.


A margin pool is similar to a survivor pool, except you never are eliminated. Instead, each week you pick one team you think will win by the most points, and you earn the margin of victory if that team wins. If that team happens to lose, the score margin is subtracted from your total. As is the case with survivor football pools, you get to only use the same team once. The player with the best cumulative margin total at the end of the season wins the pool.

We also have a our renowned bracket maker for any single-elimination or double elimination tournament, such as your video game bracket, NHL playoffs, World Cup soccer, etc. Don't forget the best part, our site is FREE to use!

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