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Survivor Pool Standings Page
Our Survivor Pool Standings Page

As a courtesy from our website, below are the survivor picks across all our survivor pool leagues at The first chart is in pareto format to better illustrate the frequency of each picked team and the cumulative impact of the survivor football picks. Also provided below is a chart showing team usage over the season, for both teams picked for and against. We finally provide a chart that shows the quality of each team based on their wins and margin of victory when used. If you want to see charts for past weeks or seasons, you can create an account and 'watch' our public survivor league.

Our site is renowned for the wealth of features and statistics we provide in hosting both survivor pools and a variety of pickem pools.  You are more than welcome to create and run your own survivor pool or any of our other football pool formats. You can also join any of our public leagues to compete against others. We also now provide a custom bracket maker for any sport, including double elimination brackets. Best of all our site is FREE to use1!



1. The vast majority of features on our site are free, you'll get all you need and more to run your office survivor, office football pick'em, or March Madness pool. Our handful of premium features are listed here.