Tournament Bracket

We are the home of the best tournament bracket builder on the web. Best of all, our service is FREE to use! You can use our bracket generator to build and keep track of your tournament. You can share the tournament bracket URL with your friends so that they can follow the overall progress. Better yet, you can use our site to run a pool where invited players can submit a bracket against your tournament to predict the winners. Players can then see how they are doing against others via the Standings page, which is automatically updated as you advance teams in your tournament.

We can handle any kind of tournament bracket, from 4 to any number of teams. If you need a double elimination bracket, you are limited to 16 teams max. If you need more than 32 teams for single-elimination, you can create more than one bracket. Ideal for cornhole, tennis, ping pong, softball, eSports, NFL playoffs, NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, world cup, volleyball, etc.

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