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NFL Division Rankings and Predictions – Week 12

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  1. Steve says:

    Do you know, Fred, that your blog posts continue to exist on the internet after you post them? Just asking.

    Not because you called the Cowboys pretenders who don’t really have a shot after 4 weeks, or predicted a Panthers/Bengals Superbowl, or said that Brees was already finished as a good QB–none of us can see the future, and I certainly didn’t put myself on the line with blog posts, so I’m not really one to talk, but I would expect maybe less certainly in your future posts after those.

    But just a moment on your take on the Patriots: “the ageless Tom Brady”….didn’t you sort of say that he was very likely to suck specifically because of his age? “Who else would it be?” Didn’t you pick them to miss the playoffs and the Jets to win the division? That’s not really an “Ageless Tom Terrific and the Who Else Would it Be Patriots!!!!” sort of vibe I was getting. Lots of people got things like this wrong, and it’s of course ok to be wrong on predictions (the league is unpredictable a lot), but…this was pretty wrong.

    Anyway, can’t wait until you make your “Elway is better than Brady” post. It will be intriguing to see if you use the “career MVP’s argument, or the 4th quarter comeback / game-winning drives argument, or the playoff wins argument, or rings, or Superbowl appearances, or Superbowl MVP’s, or conference title games, or winning streaks, or career yards, or yards in a season, or career TD’s, or TD’s in a season, or QBR, or QB rating, or adaptability to different offenses, or the number of pro bowls, or the instant impact on the league” arguments. Since none of those really favor your argument for Elway over Brady. But at least the Patriots cheated during Brady’s run, so that’s one th….oh right, the Broncos and the speakers in the linemens’ helmets and the Vaseline on their arms and the whole salary cap thing. (shrug) Well, good luck anyway.

    1. Hi Steve, hope you had a great Christmas. Yea, not a banner year for predictions, especially the Jets and Bengals. I always knew the Pats was a stretch as I was betting on a bad Brady and lost that one. If Brady plays well next year, I’m going to start the Brady birther movement.

      Thanks for the tip to write a post on why Elway is better than Brady. Many reasons why there is no doubt in my mind Elway’s better, and that most GMs would pick him over Brady if starting a franchise. Brady-less Pats still win without him, just like the 49ers great teams still won without Montana. You can’t say the same for Elway (or to a lesser degree Manning for that matter). I do put Brady in the top 10 all time though. Bottom line he was lucky to play for the best coach ever, just as Joe Montana was lucky to play with the best NFL player ever (and also a really good coach; people forget that Montana and Steve DeBerg were essentially tied for the starting job, Montana only won out because he was younger).

      When you get past two-dimensional thinking you’ll see I’m right. 🙂


    2. PS… I didn’t write this particular blog, my son did.

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