The Best Office Pool Football Tips


Office pools have become all the rage recently, and almost every office these days have their own pool leagues that guarantee a whole lot of fun as well as big winnings. If you’re looking to run your own office pool football league, then you need to check out NFL money pool tips, because you need all the help that you can get. We have decided to provide you with some crucial pool league manager tips for enjoying the best office football league season.

So, here are the best office pool football tips for you:

1.     Choose a format that suits the participants

First of all you should choose a format that suits the participants, since there are many different types of pools available. The most popular ones are the Survivor pools and Pickem pools, so make sure that your participants are familiar with the format that you choose. You can take a general survey and then decide on the best pool format that suits all the participants.

2.     Track your pool

You also need to track your pool, since you are the commissioner. This task is one of the most difficult tasks for you, since it is not easy to track pool data. However, you can choose to run your pool from a website like, which will track all your pool data for you.

3.     Give out the rules before the season

Make sure that all the participants are on the same page when it comes to the rules of the football pool league. You should give out the rules before the season begins, so that everyone can prepare properly and understand the rules. This will also save time on resolving any potential disputes that arise during the course of the season.

4.     Finalize the tie-breaker procedure

You need to have some form of tie-breaker procedure in place, since ties happen more often than you think in an NFL football pool. This is why you should pick out a tie-breaker procedure before the season begins, since it can cause a lot of problems if you don’t.

5.     Get payments before the season begins

This is quite a simple task and one that you should pay proper attention to. Make sure that everyone pays you the money before the season begins, as it will allow you to payout to the winners easily. Getting the money upfront will ease a lot of your problems further down the line. At there is even an option to accept all major forms of credit card payments for your league online by setting up a free business PayPal account.

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