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Tom Brady is going to Suck

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  1. Steve says:

    I’ll have to say that for a guy whose “time has come and gone,” he still put up probably one of the 75 greatest statistical seasons of all time last year, despite (I believe) being the ONLY player on the New England offense (including the linemen) to play in every game. The line was a disaster, Edelman and Amendola got hurt at the same time, the team largely lost the running game to injury at about the mid-point of the season, and they were still 2 points from perhaps going to the Superbowl. If it wasn’t a career year for Newton, Brady would have been a significant MVP hopeful.

    At some point, the window will close on Brady (and Belichick will probably retire at the same time), thus also closing the window on the Patriots. That could be this year, maybe. But if any QB could still be in the top tier at 41 or 42, it is Brady, who actually looks faster, in better shape, more motivated and even sometimes younger than he looked ca. 2012.

    1. I think the odds of it being this year is very high, say 80% chance. This says a lot about Brady because given NFL history for most other QBs it would be 95% chance. The odds Brady will be any good at 40, let alone 41 or 42, is less than 1%. There is just no way. If he is any good at 40+, I’m going to become a Brady “birther” and will demand to see his birth certificate. 🙂

  2. Patrick DeYoung says:

    Super bowl mvp

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