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Most points after Super Bowl Wins!
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League Type: NFL Confidence Pool
Each week you pick every game, placing a confidence 'weight' from 1 to 11 per pick.  details

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Mojo . Mojo 
Randy Ahrens RandyFootbrawlerRandy
Michael J Allison MJAACE007 
Jay Amundson   
Charlie Anderson   
Tony Ang   
Juan Arjon   
Dixie Artamenko   
Scott Artz Beamer23OK I'll Play
Toby Baker   
Jaymit Bakshi Jay BBillsmafia
John Barone   
Larry basham The LegendStick 2 the Script
Justcallme Batman MandiHode on
John Beck   
Peter Behle   
David Bell   
Christina Benjamin   
Eric Bentley   
stuart berkowitz   
bruce berman   
Ed Bernardiener Ed Eliminator 
Brett Bigham   
Dan Booth  Bleed Green
Jason Broadwell   
Blake Brooks   
Tim Brueggemann   
Tommy Bruneau Tommy 
Vida Buckhanon 1 For Tha LandWin
Steve Bumgarner bummy 
Rich C BagnoldGive Me Hope!
Brian Campbell Soup 
Terri Candra   
Eric Cannon RicWho Dares Wins
Viola Carapezza FrankieV 
Bernice Casterline   
chris charters   
Matt Chateau   
Dave Chobar Chobs 
Kevin Chorzelewski ChorgeyJust win, baby!
Beverly Collins   
Brian Coltrell   
WILLIAM COREY Barnacle Bill 
James Corso Jimmy c 
Jan Courtney   
Janet Courtney Schopunky 
Jim Crowley   
dan curtis   
Pam D   

Manager: Fred Williams

Inception: 12/23/2015 4:58:00 PM
Max Players: 10000
Number of Players: 231
Start Week: 18
Weeks In Regular Season: 17
Weeks In Post Season: 4
Picks Due: Sun 3:00PM MST
Pick Grace Period: 255 hours  Help
Against the Spread: No
No Pick Weight: 1   Help
Playoff Weighting: 1 to 11   Help
Bye Week: Disabled   Help
Tie-breaker game: Any Game