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In 2022 our site registered 7.2M page views and 554k users. This was a 24% growth rate for page views, and 70% growth rate for users over 2021. We are trending toward at least 25% further growth in 2023. We have numerous options available for advertising your product on our site. If you are interested, please contact us at [email protected]. We will provide you with different pricing options, ad performance rates, and a Google Analytics report.  Since we also advertise using Google Adsense, your ad will have to be in compliance with their guidelines listed here.

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Under certain situations we will consider guest posts with one or two do-follow links. The post should be germane to team sports such as NFL football and college football, or related to tournament play such as post season playoffs, March Madness, EFL League, eSports, etc. We reserve the right to reject any post deemed not suitable for our website. See our Football pools and Tournament Brackets pages to get a flavor of the primary content our site provides for its users. We expect the post to be roughly 1000 words in length, up to two links, and within Google's advertising policies. If approved, we will upload the guest article within 48 hours. The post will remain on the site indefinitely and will only be taken down if the post is flagged by Google to be in non-compliance with their guidelines. For the latest pricing, you can reach us at [email protected].


Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss custom branding for your office pool. You can also create a league and visit the Branding page in the Manager Control Panel for additional information.

Our Latest Office Pool Totals
Survivor Pools: 4401
Pickem Pools: 4798
Confidence Pools: 1536
Play Money Pools: 249
NFL Mock Draft Pools: 1089
March Madness Pools: 4147
Tournament Bracket Pools: 34776
Prop Pools: 252