Give your league an online presence using our bracket maker to create and run your tournament online. You can also use it to create a printable blank bracket template. Our tournament generator is entirely free to use!

  • Great for any kind of tournament such as a ping pong bracket, billiards tournament, tennis bracket, your bowling league, soccer, volleyball, lacrosse bracket, softball tournament, video game bracket, esports tournaments, etc.
  • After saving your tournament, you can invite players or teams to view the online tournament bracket.
  • Add custom headline with text and images that your participants will see when they visit the tournament bracket page.
  • Bracket maker display options include seed show/hide, score entering, simple/modern look, custom colors, etc.
  • Comes with all the bells & whistles such as the player accounting page, prize management, etc.
  • We support tournaments up to 32 players/teams, and double-elimination brackets up to 16 players/teams.
  • Free version is fully functional! Premium version removes site name from PDF, and ads when logged in.

When 'Configure' radio button is selected, you can:
  • Enter a League Name.
  • Choose number of participants for your bracket.
  • Choose single or double elimination.
  • Customize the look&feel of the bracket, including changing the colors.
  • Enter in the names of the participants by clicking on each of the first round matches.
  • Hide team/participant names for a blank bracket template.
When 'Run' radio button is selected, you can:
  • Advance the teams either by click, or by entering a score for the match.
  • Click on 'Reset' to revert all advancements.
Click 'Save' to preserve your changes. You will need to create a free account. Click on the PDF icon to save your bracket as a PDF and/or print your tournament bracket. ×