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Survivor de Schmed

Winners Play, Players Win!
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League Type: NFL Survivor Pool
Each week you pick one team to win. The last player standing wins!  details

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Manager: *Schmed 13

Inception: 8/17/2020
Max Players: 1000
No. Players:  27
Visible to Public: Yes   Help
Start Week: 1
End Week: 18
Picks Due: Friday Dec 31, 6:59 PM EST
Pick Grace Period: 255 hours Help
AutoPick: Biggest Favorite
AutoPicks Allowed: 18

Clones Allowed: 8
Number of Lives: 1
Pick Same Team Count: 1   Help
Tie is Loss: No
Losers Pool: No
Buyback Cost: $0
Cost Per Player: $20
Manager Approve Buybacks: No
Last Buyback Week: 21  Help
First Place Share: 100 %
Second Place Share: 0 %
Third Place Share: 0 %
Strength of Victory Share: 0 %
 Current Prizes
 (based on number of players in league)
 1st Place: $540.00
 2nd Place: $0.00
 3rd Place: $0.00
 SOV: $0.00