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League Type: NFL Survivor Pool
Each week you pick one team to win. The last player standing wins!  details

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This league has already started. If you join and the manager approves you, you will begin with a life count of 2.
Draftdodger 1   
27 Bubba 27 Brown Bubba 
Alex Ackler Fly Eagles FlyNext stop: Super Bowl (17.3 miles)
Randy Ahrens RandyFootbrawlerRandy
Paul Alaimo patriot paulremember the alaimo
Steve Allen aishakJust Win, Baby
Eric Anderson Eagle eric 
Garry Anderson jetfanga 
william anderson   
Colonel Angus Colonel  
Joe Baccile Joe B 
Peter Bachmeir Fdl452 
Evan Baden   
Mike Baden   
Michael Baird Bullet 
Toby Baker   
Bingo Bango   
branko barbic Cro 
John Barone   
Austin Barrett Auzie 
John Beck   
Kirk Bennett Stilltryn 
stuart berkowitz   
frank Bertucci   
kevin berube kbbucs2002tampa2
Ewam Bino Ewam 
Harry Bollinger sirbollinger 
Matthew Bottom ChampionsWe win.
Mike Bracken Corkball Mike 
Peter Brady The DudeThe revolution will not be televised
Scott Brady   
Stephen Branchaud Kaduka 
John Brand   
Jim Braymiller   
Bobby Brewer   
dave bristow   
tony bruno mozzienever retreat
terry brydges terrytearout 
Alfredo Bullen DemCowboys 
Jacob Burant   
Laura Burant   
Kyle Burke   
Shirley Byrd Anna 
Rich C BagnoldGive Me Hope!
donna ca   
Viola Carapezza FrankieV 
Sean Carlson   
Anthony Cassonw AntWin
Chris Castro  Always winning
Ron Chambers PassBoyCards All The w Way

Manager: Fred Williams

Inception: 8/8/2012
Max Players: 3000
No. Players:  313
Visible to Public: Yes   Help
Start Week: 1
End Week: 21
Picks Due: Sun 12:00AM MST
Pick Grace Period: 255 hours Help
AutoPick: Disabled
Clones Allowed: 0
Number of Lives: 3
Pick Same Team Count: 1   Help
Tie is Loss: No
Losers Pool: No