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NFL Playoff Pools

Below are our options for NFL post season pools.

Post Season NFL Pickem Pool

This is the traditional pickem pool where you simply pick every game each week of the playoffs through the Super Bowl. Managers can configure specific point values for each game.

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NFL Playoff Confidence Pool

You can either run a traditional playoff confidence pool where you pick a winner for each game and place a weight from 1 to the number of games that week (e.g. if there are 4 games in the week, the weight is 1 to 4). Managers can also configure different weight options. Another popular version is that you get weights 1 through 13 to spread across all games throughout the post season. Once you use a weight you can't use it again.

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NFL Playoff Rankem Pool

A popular pool for decades where each player ranks the playoff teams from 1 to 14, where is the highest value to rank a team. Each time your team wins, you earn the points you put on that team (e.g. you would want to put a 14 on a team that you think will go far in the playoffs, since you will earn 14 points each time they win).

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NFL Prop Bet Pool

A Prop Bet pool is where you configure a series of questions that can be True/False or Multiple choice, and for each correct answer a player earns the points the manager assigned to that question. An example question may be "Which team will score the most points in the playoffs?" You would then assign different point values up to 8 possible answers. This pool format is typically used when running a Super Bowl pool, but can also be used for any event or events such as the NFL playoffs.

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NFL Playoff Bracket Pool

You can use our Custom Bracket Maker to create an NFL Playoffs bracket pool. This pool would be similar to a March Madness bracket where players fill out the bracket before the playoffs start. Managers can configure different point values for each round of the playoff. Bonus points for picking underdogs can also be configured. Since the NFL re-seeds after the first round, BE SURE TO SELECT THE 'RE-SEED' OPTION!

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