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NFL Playoff Rank'em Pool Rules

  1.  Each player places a weight on each NFL playoff team (the "weight" is 1 to the number of playoff teams, which is 14). The higher the weight, the more confident the player is that the team will advance far into the playoffs.
  2. For every game a given team wins, the points assigned to that team are added to the player's total points. If a team loses, no points are subtracted, however no further points can be gained from that team. The player with the most points after the Super Bowl wins!
  3. Your picks need to be in by the league deadline before the start of the playoffs. Once your picks are submitted, you can later edit them provided 1) the league's configured deadline has not yet past, 2) the configured grace period has not elapsed, 3) the first playoff game has not started.


Total Points on the Super Bowl (person's total that is closest to the final score)