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NFL Pickem Pool Picksheet

Below is the My Picks page for an NFL pickem football pool in 2020. The manager has the option to assign different point values and enable an over/under option for each game. The picks page includes a chart of the most popular teams picked that week across the entire site (the league manager can control whether or not this chart aid is shown to players).  The player in the example below has also joined several of his clones to the league. Clones, which must be enabled by the league manager, allow a player to submit additional picks independently as another 'player' but under one parent identity, thus preventing the need for a player to use multiple logins. Each clone will appear independently in the pickem pool standings.


The schedule is not yet available.

Our football pickem pools are loaded with additional features not shown in this tour. Feel free at any time to create a league pickem pool and navigate through all the settings and features. Remember that using our site for your football pickem pool is free!

Disabled in demo mode!