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Survivor Pool Manager Settings Page

Below is the Manager's Survivor Pool Settings page. This should give you an idea of the numerous control settings at your disposal to make your survivor pool fit almost any scenario. We also love your suggestions, so if you see a feature you would like us to add, please feel free to run it by us by filing a ticket at our Help Desk.

Basic Settings
League Type Survivor Pool     League ID: 2
League Name    
League Motto   (optional)
Private League    Password to Join:    
Publicly Watchable    
Manager Approve    
Max Number of Players   
Starting Week   
Ending Week      
Picks Deadline   ← also sets default Time Zone 
Display Player's Pick    
Pick grace period, hours     
Advanced Settings
Times team can be picked        Reset for Playoffs:    
Times team can be picked against          
Number of lives      
Picks Required per week
2nd Place Bracket    
Ties count as loss    
Make this a losers pool    
No survivors tiebreaker     
No Pick SOV Penalty       
AutoPick for Players    

AutoPicks Allowed:  

Player Clones Allowed     Help Desk Article    
Hide 'Most Picked Teams' Chart on Picks Page    
Hide line on Picks Page    

Prize Settings

While we will track prize winnings, we do not handle payment reception or distribution of prizes for your league. It is up to you to collect fees and pay the prize winners. You are NOT allowed to profit in any way from running a league.

Cost per player $    
Buyback Option
Use this if you want players to have to pay to get back in after a loss. Either buyback cost or increase must be non-zero to enable buybacks.
Buyback Cost: $    Increase by $ each week thereafter     

Manager approval of buybacks:    

Last Buyback Week:      
1st Place % share %
2nd place % share %
3rd place % share %
Strength of Victory % share
Pot Adjustment Name: Amount:  


Disabled in demo mode!