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NBA Playoff Pool

If you are looking to run an NBA playoffs pool, we have several options you can consider.

Tournament Bracket Generator

Our free tournament bracket generator allows you to build an NBA playoff bracket that you can either print and hand out to players in your pool, or better yet create a free NBA office pool where each player can submit their bracket picks from the website instead of having to keep a separate ledger or spreadsheet. We do most of the work for you, such as recording picks, providing a standings page, showing statistics such as a chart of most popular teams picked, etc. You also can keep track of player fees on the website using our player accounts page. The only work you need to do for an NBA bracket pool is to add the playoff teams to the bracket, then advance the teams after they win. That's it, we do pretty much everything else! We'll even send a pick reminder 24 hours before the deadline you set for your office pool. For more details on the features that come with our popular bracket maker, visit our Custom Bracket Pool page.

NBA Rankem Pool

Using the same bracket generator mentioned above, you can configure your NBA office pool as a rankem league instead. In this case, before the start of the playoffs, each player ranks the teams from 1 to 16 (or whatever number of NBA teams are in the bracket tournament). The goal is to put the higher points on teams expected to do better. Ideally you would want to put 16, the highest weight, on the team you expect to win the NBA championship. Players earn the weight value they placed on a team each time that team wins the series.

NBA Prop Bets

Another format you can consider is an NBA Prop Bets pool. You basically set up any number of questions worth custom point values you designate. Each player submits answers to the questions, and for each correct answer earns the points assigned to that answer. As manager, you enter the correct answers as they occur (for example, 'which team will score the most points in the 1st quarter'), and our software automatically calculates each player's points and displays the results on the Standings page.  You can learn more about the features of our prop bets pool here.

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