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College Football Pick Sheet
College Football Pool Pick Sheet

College Football Pool Choices

See why players find our pools far superior to RunYourPool and Yahoo fantasy pick'em football!

Our online college football pool host is the best around. Below are the various NCAA football pools you can choose from. Each have a wide range of configuration that are second to none to other football pool host sites. Managers can select which games they want to appear on the football pick sheet. Our pools include an in-depth Standings page that shows not only total points earned, but also winning percentage, strength of victory, longest winning streaks, bonus points earned, etc. Our popular GameDay page provide live updates of how your team is doing against the leaders of the pool. Best of all, our pool host is free to use!

College Pickem Pool

The granddaddy of all pools is the traditional Pick'em pool where each player picks from the weekend slate of games.  As a league manager, you can configure how much each game is worth. There are also numerous bonus points options such as picking an underdog, closest tie-breaker to the final score, etc. You can find a full list of features here.

College Confidence Pool

This pool format has been popular for over a half century, I remember playing it as a wee lad. The NCAA football pool requires each player to pick each game and place a weight on the game based on how confident they are the team will win. The higher the confidence value, the more confident you are in that team winning. Typically the teams with higher points spreads have the higher confidence values placed on them.

College Football Pool Standings
College Football Pool Standings Page

College Bowl Pool (Pick'em or Confidence)

This pool is so popular it was the first college football pool we implemented on our site. Before the start of the bowl season, players pick their bowl game winners. The manager can configure the points values for each bowl game. Like our other pools, there are numerous bonus point options to choose from. It remains our most popular NCAA football pool.

College Prop Bet Pool

Managers also really like our custom Prop Bet pool format. Here you as a manager can configure a set of questions that your players answer to earn points. They can be any question you can imagine, such as which college player will score the most points in a given week. You can configure up to 8 multiple-choice answers.