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NCAA Confidence Pool

The long-standing traditional football pool

Looking to run an NCAA confidence pool? We provide college confidence pools with numerous features and manager tools. We offer comprehensive statistics based on individual performance and the opportunity to have your name listed in the Hall of Fame (or Hall of Lame). Your college football pool includes access to all Division I FBS games.  Get started now!

Confidence Pool Standings
Confidence Pool Standings Page

How Confidence Pools Work

  • Each week you pick a winner for every game, and place a "weight" on each game from 1 to 20*.
  • The more confident you are in the pick, the higher points you place on that team.
  • For each win you get the points you placed on the pick.
  • The player with the most points during the week wins any configured weekly prizes.
  • The player with the most cumulative points after the college football season ends wins the league.

What Players Get

College Confidence Pool Player Picks
Player Picks Page
  • Easy college pick sheet that allows you to either drag&drop teams to the desired weight, or manually enter in the weights.
  • COllege Pick sheet quick-pick option to select all home teams or favorites.
  • Create and use clones to fill out multiple pick sheets without having to create separate accounts (clones must be enabled by the manager)
  • Standings page that includes win/loss pct, total points, weekly trends, strength of victory, and player's picks for that week.
  • The Standings page also includes the weekly college confidence pool winners (if configured).
  • Email reminder to submit college confidence picks before the league's deadline.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats on your college confidence league and your individual performance.
  • Trophy case for all past 1st through 3rd place finishes across all NCAA college confidence leagues.
  • Possible inclusion in the Confidence Pool Hall of Fame and Hall of Lame.
  • Picks are very securely stored in our database.

Confidence Pool Manager Configuration Options

College Confidence Pool Pick Sheet
College Confidence Pool Pick Sheet
  • Option to also subtract weight placed on game or a fixed amount for losses.
  • Configure whether or not your league continues through the college bowl season.
  • Specify your own weight values for post-season games.
  • Specify weight value lost for games that are missed (e.g. Thursday night game not picked).
  • Specifying an exact number of weekly college confidence games to pick (default is all games).
  • Selecting which games your NCAA confidence league picks each week (Division 1 FBS games).
  • Bonus points for correctly picking an underdog.
  • Bonus points for picking perfect tie-breaker.
  • Reverse Scoring option - wins worth 0, losses = weight on game. The lower the score the better.
  • Ability to customize the Confidence Pool Rules page for your league.
  • Option to set your college football confidence pool to be straight up or against the spread. If against the spread, the line can be set to variable (player gets line at time of his pick), or fixed (all players get the same line).
  • Allow your players to create up to 16 clones to use to fill out separate pick sheets to increase their chances of winning.
  • Weekly prizes from 1st to 3rd place.
  • Final season prizes for 1st through 4th place, best total tie-breakers, and best overall Strength of Victory. Help  
  • One custom prize, where you name the prize and set the winner when appropriate (for example, "best college football picks in December").
  • "Bye" week feature that allows a player to forget a week and not be hopelessly out of contention. If enabled, the worst regular season week for each player is subtracted from their total points (only total points are affected, other stats such as win-loss record remain intact). The Standings will indicate the bye week determined for each player.
  • Confidence Pool Player Accounts
    Player Accounts
  • Tracking of player league fees, per-player note annotation (e.g. "this person sent me a check"), and optional notification to the player when they are logged in to the site if they have a balance due. You can also configure your college confidence pickem pool to be weekly, where weekly cost for a player is updated only for those weeks they submit picks.
  • Ability to accept credit card payments onlin for your NCAA college league fee.
  • Branding your college football pool to look like your own by choosing colors and using your logo. You also get your own branded login page.

NOTE: We support the full list of 130+ FBS teams, but only a handful of FCS teams.

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* - For bye weeks, the weight options are 1 to the number of games that week.