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Custom Pickem Pool

Run a traditional pick'em pool for any kind of sport

You can create any style pickem pool not found anywhere else on the web. For example, if you want to run a Premier League or EFL League pool, you simply add the teams one time only, set the schedule for each week, then enter game results. From there, we do all the rest! We handle accepting and storing your league player's picks, and when you update a game score we automatically update the Standings. Best of all we'll host your pickem pool free!  Great for NBA, NHL, XFL, USFL, FIFA, EPL, EFL, Serie A, and UEFA pickem pools.

NOTE: Our custom pick'em format is designed to run on a weekly basis. In other words, you can't schedule the same team twice in the same week. Some managers get around this by creating two different but similar names for the team (for example, for the Premium League team Fulham, you could create Fulham1 and Fulham2).

Check out our NFL Pick'em Pool page for an idea of all the features you'll get, which includes configuring points earned on a per-game basis, bonus points for picking underdogs, bonus points for 'key' games, etc.

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Q&A Pool ("Prop Bet")

Many pool managers also like our Custom Prop Bet format, where you configure questions each week that your players answer on their pick sheet, and earn points base on the points values you assign to the answers. You are allowed to configure up to 8 multiple choice answers. For details, see our Prop Bet pool page.