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NFL Mock Draft Pool Rules

  1. The rules are very simple. Simply drag a player from the left side to the desired pick location. Each time you drop a player in the pick position, that pick is stored. You are not required to populate every pick, but if you don't you lower your potential total score after the draft.
  2. You are picking each players' draft position in the 1st round, not necessarily the team that drafts them.  If you anticipate a trade, you'll want to slot the player in the position where you think they will be taken, not next to the team you think will take them.
  3. You also select up to three draft positions that you think will involve a trade during the draft.
  4. The manager sets the point values for hitting the pick straight-up, missing within 1, missing within 2, and missing within 5. You only get points for one of the afore-mentioned ranges. That is, if you hit the pick straight-up, you don't also get the points for being within 1.
  5. Since scoring includes points for picking a drafted player within 5 picks of where they are taken, the final standings are determined after the 37th pick is made (5th pick in the 2nd round). For example, if the NFL player selected in pick 31 is drafted at pick 33, the player gets the designated points for being within 2.
  6. The player with the most points after the 37th pick (2nd round, pick 5) in the NFL draft wins!


1) Most correct picks
2) Most correct trades predicted
3) Most within 1 picks
4) Most within 2 picks