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Manning vs Brady Debate Settled

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  1. George Savage says:

    It’s obvious to me that you hate New England Patriot. Previously you predicted Brady is going to suck. You couldn’t be more wrong. Some people think now Brady is playing best ever.
    That discussion Manning vs. Brady was over a long time ago (the moment Brady won 4th Super Bowl). Recently I saw on NFL network renewed “Top 10 QBs all time”. In that list Manning came 3rd, Brady 2nd, Montana 1st. And Montana won by narrow margin over Brady. So you can have your opinion but it’s already cemented opinion that Brady is better than Manning. And Brady is not done yet. If he wins another Super Bowl, there will be no question who is best QB ever. Not to mention Manning’s Super Bowl win with Denver was worst Super Bowl winning QB rating ever. Brady has won 3 Super Bowl MVP awards.

    1. I don’t hate the Patriots, and I definitely don’t hate Brady. Maybe you missed my blog Is Bill Belichick Really the Best Coach Ever? I have been wrong so far about Brady playing at 39. But if you read the blog, its nothing against Brady, its purely based on NFL history. So far Brady is bucking those odds big time. If he plays well at 40 I’ll be totally shocked.

      When they interviewed GMs for the top teams, Elway actually came out on top (which I happen to agree with). Everybody has an opinion on best QBs ever. All it will ever be are opinions, because no one can prove who is best. You are obviously a Pats fan or else you wouldn’t have said the debate is over.

    2. James wester says:

      When. Brady is on last legs lets see what he does, he had 4 more yards passing in his first super bowl than peyton in his last , pretty close foe a 20 something vs a near 40 guy with several injuries

  2. Angel says:

    Belichick before Brady ever threw for him :
    41-57 overall ( 5-13 with the Pats)
    18-19 overall with a Brady-less Patriots.

    Matt Cassel actually DID BETTER with the Chiefs, during his second year in Kansas City :
    27 touchdowns
    7 interceptions
    1 playoff berth
    1 probowl

    How come Belichick HAS NEVER made the attempt to trade Brady, not even now at almost 40 years old?
    He’s rather trying to trade Jimmy Garappolo!!

    Montana in 1989 missed 1st 3 games, his back up went 3-0.
    Montana won MVP.

    The back-up quarterback to Johnny Unitas in the 1968 season, Earl Morall, won an MVP award after helping lead the Colts to a 13-1 season when Unitas was injured.

    By the way, the Broncos went 5-2 when they sat Manning down.

    1. James wester says:

      Lets look at those numbers then once brady went down they were 11-5 one year and 3-1 next, you dont compare years before cause those were way differnet teams, you comosre teams that they are one, broncos after peyton go 9-7 and colts go 2-14

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