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Engage your friends and fans beyond just being spectators! Experiment with our custom bracket maker, then create, fill, and run your tournament bracket online. Ideal for any kind of tournament, such as the Stanley Cup, NCAA Frozen Four, NASCAR Cup, a lacrosse bracket, high school playoffs, bowling, video game tournaments, esports, ping pong, volleyball, world cup soccer, Friday Fortnite tournaments, cornhole tournament, etc. You can build and print either a single elimination bracket or a double elimination bracket. Best of all our online tournament manager is FREE to use!

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There are four major types of custom brackets:

Bracket For Tournament
Bracket Pick Sheet
  1. Traditional Bracket Tournament

    You create a single or double elimination bracket that you fully control from the start of the tournament to the finish, that is for display only. Each of the tourney brackets you create will have its own assigned URL that you can share with your participants and anyone else you want. Feel free to use either our full-featured tournament bracket maker, or our Printable Brackets page which is a scaled-down version if you are simply looking for a blank fillable bracket to print.
  2. Bracket Tournament Pool

    You have the option to run your tourney bracket as an office pool where invited players submit their own brackets against your master bracket. This is ideal for eSports, an NBA playoffs pool, NHL Stanley Cup Playoff pool, World Cup pool, NASCAR pool, or any kind of tournament pool you want to run. You get a standings page, bracket participant usage stats, and much more.
  3. Bracket Rankem Pool

    You control a bracket tournament office pool where players rank teams in the bracket and earn the weight value they place on the team when that team wins. The number of teams required to pick is configurable up to the size of your tourney bracket. This is also ideal for post season tournaments such as the NBA playoffs, NHL Stanley Cup, World Cup, NASCAR Cup, PGA Cup, you name it. You get a standings page, bracket participant usage stats, foolproof pick sheet, and much more.
  4. Bracket Tournament Poll

    You select the starting names in the bracket tourney, then invite friends to submit a bracket using those names/participants to see who your friends think would win. Player selections are shown in a bar graph. This is ideal for tournament-style polls such as favorite British bands, favorite recipes, etc.

Tournament Bracket Features

Tournament Bracket Standings page
Bracket Standings Page
  • You can create up to 32-player bracket leagues, and up to 16 player double elimination bracket leagues. Run as a stand-alone tournament or full-fledged office pool.
  • Run as a single event, or as a "season" where each section/week you create a new bracket for your players to fill out. Their total score is accumulated each section/week to determine the season winner.
  • Easily fill in your tournament bracket participants into the first round matches of your personalized bracket.
  • You can advance by click, or by score for each game in the tournament.
  • Ideal if you are simply looking for an online bracket tool to make and print a blank bracket template or any variety of printable brackets.
  • A tournament chart showing how much each team/participant has been selected by members in your league who have submitted brackets.
  • For bracket tournament or rankem pools, players will be sent an email reminder to pick their bracket 24 hours before the league's deadline.
  • Comprehensive, life-long stats on your office league for all past & present players.
  • Our database is extremely secure so that only you can make changes to your single or double-elimination tournament bracket.
Tournament Bracket Poll Results page
Tournament Bracket Poll Results
The office pool manager can:
  • Set the size of the bracket (the number of teams or participants).
  • Enter in team or participant names and control the font size.
  • Configure as either a single or double elimination tournament.
  • Enable reseeding (2nd round re-seeding; ideal for NFL playoff bracket and/or Stanley Cup bracket)
  • Specify simple or modern layout. The simple layout is ideal for printing a blank tournament sheet.
  • Choose light or dark theme and enable or disable seeding.
  • Manage player or team fees on our Player Accounts page for your tourney pool.
  • Configure specific points earned for each round of the tournament, and bonus points for picking underdogs.
  • Use the color selectors to choose your own colors for bracket, seed, and text.
  • Ability to print your bracket at any time or save as a PDF file.
  • Easily switch between the tourney brackets you have created.
  • Headline Manager that allows you to display a fully customizable collapsible headline above your tournament bracket page. The full-featured editor allows you to upload or link to your own pictures and graphics.
  • Ability to customize the tournament bracket rules page for your league.
  • Customize a pool tie-breaker on the player's picks page to whatever you want. For example, 'Total goals scored during Final 4', 'Total combined points in championship game', etc.
  • Make your tournament bracket look like your own site with our branding feature. You get your own login page, and can upload a logo and change background colors.
  • If the manager wants a random tournament generator, they can simply draw names out of a hat and assign them to a game bracket and change the default team name to match the assigned player or team.
  • Our variety and depth of manager tools and features easily beat challonge and brackethq. Both charge for their services, our tournament simulator & pool manager is free to use!
  • We support uncommon bracket sizes such as a 6 team double elimination bracket, 7 team double elimination bracket, 9 team double elimination bracket, etc., up to a 16 team double elimination bracket.

For tips on how to create the ultimate bracket for your tourney, see our blog post How to Make a Tournament Bracket.

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