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World Cup Pool

Are you looking for some World Cup pool ideas? You can run a free World Cup pool on our site using a couple of different formats.

World Cup Bracket Pool

Many pool managers like to run their World Cup office pool from the knockout stage, which starts with the round of 16 (hence a 16-team tournament). Our free bracket maker lets you do just that. After creating your pool, be sure to select the 'Full League' option. Once your bracket pool is created, you can invite your co-workers and friends to join your world cup pool. You'll be able to configure a deadline for players to submit their world cup bracket. Other configurable options include specifying how many points each round of the tournament is worth, bonus points for correctly picking a lower seeded team, and creating a custom tie-breaker, such as total goals scored in the entire knockout stage.

Create a World Cup Bracket Pool

World Cup Rankem Pool

Another good way to run a World Cup office pool is by using our Rankem pool format. Before the round of 16, players rank each of the 16 teams from 1 to 16. As each soccer team wins their match, the player gets the weight value they put on that team. It therefore behooves players to put the highest weight on the team they think will hoist the FIFA World Cup trophy.

Create a World Cup Bracket Rankem Pool

Weekly World Cup Pool

Another option to consider is using our custom Q&A pool format (also called a Prop Bet pool), where you can configure a set of questions each week of the World Cup. The type of questions you ask is unlimited! For example, you might ask, 'Who will win the Round of 16 match between Belgium & France?". You could even ask something like "Which team in the Round of 16 will score the most goals?" You can configure up to 8 possible multiple-choice answers.

Create a World Cup Q&A Pool