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We are the premier free football pool host for your office, friends, or family football pool. If you are still using a spreadsheet to keep track of your NFL pick em, college pick em, or pro survivor pool, you'll find our site a lifesaver! Not only do we make it easy for your players to submit their picks using our foolproof football pick sheet, we also automatically update the standings and provide a ton of player stats and charts. As a manager you have the option to enter your player's picks yourself, email your league, keep track of who has paid their office pool fees, and more. Take any of our tours or create a league to see why droves of Yahoo pro football pickem and ESPN pigskin pickem managers are moving their football pools to our site!

NFL Pick em Standings Page
NFL Pick 'em Standings Page

NFL Pick 'em

The most popular office football pool. We provide numerous options for your NFL Pick em pool such as assigning values to games, limiting the number of games picked, allowing players to pick 'key games', etc. If you want a test drive, take our pickem league tour, or 'watch' any of our pickem leagues.
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Our college pick'em pools comes with the same options as our pro pickem pool described above. We cover FBS schools. Managers can specify which games go on the football pool pick sheet.
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Our NFL survivor pools are highly configurable, including number of lives, buybacks and last buyback week, 2nd place brackets, etc. Can also be configured as a losers pool. Check out our survivor league tour, or 'watch' any of our Survivor leagues.
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Our NFL Confidence Pools include a drag&drop pick sheet, bye week to remove player's worst week, detailed standings and stat charts, and more.
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Same as our NFL Confidence football pools above. Managers can specify which games go on the football pool pick sheet.
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Our proprietary NFL Play Money pools allow players to compete with one another by using fake money to bet on the different games using the NFL spread.
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Similar to a survivor pool where you pick one team each week. In this case you try to pick the team that will win by the most, since the football pool is won by accumulating the best margin of victory over the course of the season.
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The "lottery" football pool where each week the pot increases until a player picks 7 games out of 7 (typically against the spread). 
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