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Why Can’t You Keep a Football if It Goes Into the Stands Explained

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  1. Dennis Floyd says:

    To say a football is too expensive is crazy. The football owners make billions during a season so the cost Evan at HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS is insignificant. Years ago fans could keep the football if it left the field of play for any reason. The fact we can no longer keep the ball like they do in baseball is why I no longer wish to go to a live event. It made it fun to sit in the endzone and maybe catch a ball then get it autographed. Why are football owners so cheep skate?

  2. JoMama says:

    That has got to be somewhere around the 7th, maybe 6th dumbest and most contradictory statement(s) in regard to safety I have ever heard. Also, the “NFL” does not even pay taxes due to this awesomely drawn up and selfishly pitched justification for a lack of tax liability to satisfy a small group and easily at “ we the peoples” expense, therefore, I’m kicking that political sounding excuse off the field and into the stands. You’re welcome, Lil “die-hard” Russell.

    Just saying, whoever wrote these fourth grade valedictorian answers she probably follow the fifth graders in front of you because we do not approve this message you’ve managed to stumble through…

    Be selfless and create an X account with zero followers so you can tweet into the wind so we can get some Uninterrupted sleep before we tailgate hours before kick off And subject Lil Russell into harms way of a seemed pig skin filled with air that cost hundreds, yes, hundreds of dollars.

    One football = $$$ “hundreds”
    One game ticket = same amount(70,000 plus PARKING!!!)

    Just… shhhhhhh….

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